• ✿Vibrant Colors: Red, yellow, pink, gold, green, white, silver, cyan, blue, orange, purple, black. 12 different colors to give your art projects more variety and creativity.
  • ✿Multi-purpose: Acrylic Paint Markers Pens works on almost any surface: paper, stone, rubber, ceramics, wood, canvas, leather,glass, plastic and more DIY crfts! Accurate flow control creats evenly bright colored.
  • ✿New-type Material: Environmentally friendly acrylic and water-based ink. Quick-dry, non-toxic. Resistant to water, fading. EN71/MSDS/ ASTMD-4236 certificates which is totally safe for all ages.
  • ✿Unique 2 In 1 Tips: Unlike other Acrylic Paint Pens, our special design 3-5mm round and diagonal alternative tips with high-capacity is perfect for painting semi-bold lines and larger details. Tips can be removed and cleaned out with water, in case of cross contamination, and also can be flipped extending the life of the pen.

Decorate your clothes, tote bags, and shoes with BOJECHER 12 colors permanent Acrylic Paint Marker Pens. These markers produce a rich and vibrant effect for eye-catching work which is a perfect gift for yourself or art students, teenagers, adults and children. You can customize your gift in special days such as birthdays, Valentine’s, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any special holiday.

BOJECHER Marker Pen Details:
● 10 second dry time
● Reliably weather-resistant
●High-capacity: 5g
●Unique 3-5mm 2 in 1 tip
● Color does not change once applied
●Color dry naturally, no need to bake
● Come in a set of 12: Red,Yellow,White,Silver,Brown,Blue,Orange,Purple,Black,Pink,Gold,Green

What Can You Use BOJECHER Paint Markers On?
Can be widely used on various projects:stone, glass, leather, ceramic,poster boards, Fabric, Wood, and more!

How Do You Use BOJECHER Acrylic Markers?
● Shake the marker slightly for several times.
● Press the tip up and down until the ink flows to the tip.
● Start to create with vibrant colors and express your passion.
● Cover the cap proper after used.

Warm Tips:
1.Not suitable for children under the age of three.
2.Children should be accompanied by adult to use it properly.
3.In case of the tip drying.Please remember to cover the cap tightly after the use.
4.If the tip can’t run ink properly, please take out the tip and clean with tap water. Insert and use again after tip drying.
5. Please aviod ink on unrelated objects which will a little difficult to clean.
6. The paintings on some surfaces such as pottery, glass, and mirror can be washable.The paint will fade if you ceaseless scratch it.